Teak Shower Bench: Your Guide to The Best Teak Furniture!

teak shower benchAre you planning to remodel your bathroom? Teak bathroom accessories and teak shower bench offer everlasting accents to decorate and transform your bathing room into an elegant functional space.

Their natural appeal adds luminosity and richness to the bathroom that is truly adorable and irresistible.

Today accessorizing your bathing space has become quite fashionable than just being strictly functional.

To answer the quest of the consumer, the market is offering a variety of exceptional teak bath accessories that will set your bathroom apart including:

teak shower stool

Teak shower bench


teak shower mat

Teak shower mat


Teak shower caddy

Corner shower caddy



Additional Accessories from Teak

In addition, small units are also available for accessorizing the bathroom countertops or the toilet tank top like a soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, tissue box covers, towel and toilet paper holder, wastebaskets and laundry hampers, etc.

Smooth teak trays look great anywhere in a bathroom holding everything from containers of soap to vases of flowers. All these accessories together highlight the bathroom with an ultimate grace and sophistication.

Teak and Nature

Out of all woods, teak [Tectona grandis] is the best to survive the moist conditions that prevail inside a bathroom. It is resistant to constant humidity, hot water, and wet conditions. It naturally resists mold, mildew, and bacteria and does not rust, corrode or pit.

This tropical hardwood, hence, is an ideal material for bathroom furniture and accessories. Moreover, not only it appears sensual with its warm natural tones and smooth texture but is quite durable and sturdy that requires minimal care.

Teak bath accessories combine well with any kind of décor and enhance the placements further. They are wonderfully practical natural products made to add an organic look to your bathroom that will make your bathing area or shower space beautiful and updated.

Its mild, subtle tone and natural shades of dark brown, light brown and silver are very pleasing and looks stunning. A collection of teak bathroom accessories adds a luxurious touch to any bathing space making it appear as a designer as a top-class spa. They are functional as well as attractive and coordinate to create a fluid cohesive look that’s calming and relaxing.

Is Teak furniture Durable?

Teak outdoor furniture retains its attractiveness and beauty over the years although it requires maintenance and care if you want to preserve the original beauty and fine color. The natural color of outdoor teak furniture may fade if constantly exposed to sun and wind. Cleaning can be done with a proprietary teak oil and cleaner.

This should normally only have to be applied once each year to protect its original look and color. If it is looked after properly teak outdoor furniture can sustain its strength and attractiveness for decades.

When buying outdoor furniture the main features to look for are the quality of the workmanship and the smoothness of the finish. In addition, style comfort and price will also be factors to bear in mind. Their many extensive ranges of teak outdoor furniture available at reasonable prices and it’s also possible to order custom-designed outdoor furniture made from teak.

Is Teak Furniture Good for Indoor Use?

Teak wood patio furniture has become popular because of its quality and durability.  Teak wood is hard and malleable, meaning that it can withstand a lot of work and pressure while still conforming to the necessary shapes to create such unique items as glider rocking chairs.  However, it is also a wood that is relatively difficult to find.

In fact, out of three species of teak, only one is not endangered, and this is the one from which most teak outdoor furniture is made.  Unfortunately, even this has to be imported as either raw material or completed furniture due to the fact that it is native only to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific and will only grow in tropical regions in those areas.

Still, if you can afford the cost involved with purchasing imports, teak garden furniture is excellent and long-lasting, with natural oils that help it resist weather and elements.  Unlike cedar, these oils don’t emit an aroma that overwhelms the senses and is therefore much easier to use in enclosed spaces, making it a good choice for indoor use as well.  However, garden patio furniture is still the number one use for teak.

One indoor purpose that has become extremely common for the wood is wood flooring.  Because it is so hard and cannot easily be damaged, teak is often used for wood floors as well as for the veneer finishes on other floorings.  If you wanted to create a theme, you could decorate one room containing hardwood teak floors with teak wood furniture, creating a certain motif with your efforts.

What About Cedar Wood?

Still, as with cedar, it is sometimes better to think in minimalist terms, using one piece to make a statement within a room, such as a porch rocking chairs that can be brought indoors and treated as a modern antique to be passed down like a family heirloom.  Made out of teak, it is guaranteed to withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance required.

In answer to the question of whether or not teak is good for indoor use, the answer would have to be an overwhelming yes, tempered with a thought of how much you intend to use and how you intend it to be used.  Most applications avail themselves, but there are times when you might want to think twice before spending the cash.

Proper Care of Teak Furniture

With most outdoor wood furniture, you will have to seal it and varnish it at least every five years to maintain the integrity of the seal against rain, sleet, snow, and other harsh weather.  However, with teak, this is not a necessity.

All you need to do is make sure that during the deepest part of winter when chill and moisture combined can become quite harsh, your teak patio furniture is stored out of the weather in a garage or other sheltered space to help maintain its natural seal longer.

With other wood furniture, you may have to sand it down vigorously each spring when you bring it back out for the season, sometimes even refinishing or repainting it every year to maintain its “new” look.

However, with teak patio outdoor furniture, you will typically only need a small touch up at the first of the spring, hitting a couple of spots that may have splintered.  Otherwise, no harsh sanding will be needed for years.

How Long Can teak Furniture Last?

Teak is a long-lasting wood that doesn’t deteriorate quickly without cause.  It can literally go for years on end without any major work unless you let it mold and mildew instead of properly storing it.

Teak furniture is a great investment, especially for someone who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep.  Other wood outdoor furniture may be less expensive, but it won’t last as long and will require a lot more diligence in its maintenance and care.  Weighing out the options, teak is a get it and forget it sort of product that can look great on your patio for decades to come and is well worth the extra expense.

Where Does Teak Patio Furniture Come From Anyway?

teak furnitureThere are three species of teak wood in the world, though only one is typically seen in teak furniture.  This is because the other two types are endangered, and only the breed known as “common teak” (Tectona grandis) is really used in making furniture.  All three species are indigenous to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, with common teak in wide use in India and Indo-China.

If the wood has been in Asia all this time, why is it suddenly so popular in the United States to have outdoor teak furniture?  First of all, let’s explore the properties of teak that make it desirable.  It is a hard, strong wood that can grow to be over 150 feet tall.  What makes it so valuable is the natural oil production within the species.

This allows for it to be easily molded and shaped without breaking for the creation of beautiful and exotic teak wood furniture.  It also means that the wood is readily weather resistant without any additional treatment from oils or varnish.  This saves time and materials in the preparation of such furniture.

For this purpose, as well as other uses like wood flooring, the building of docks, and manufacture of ship decks, teak has been imported into the United States, both as raw material and as premanufactured wood furniture.  In most of the United States, it would be useless to try to grow the wood because there is not an adequate climate for its cultivation.  Therefore, it is continually imported from Asia.

Importation and Prices

Importing the goods causes teak garden furniture to become rather pricey.  Between having to fund the source and the transportation and needing to pay import taxes, the cost rises quickly.  However, if you look at the properties of teak patio outdoor furniture, you can quickly begin to take notice of the advantages that make the product worth the added expense.

Teak is a very long lasting wood that is difficult to damage and can be left out in inclement weather with little concern (though it is always best to store it in the winter).  It requires practically no maintenance, which means you can set up your teak outdoor patio furniture and forget about it.

Other log furniture requires more careful maintenance – regular sanding, recoating of varnish every few years, and careful cleaning each season.  However, teak patio furniture can usually be pulled out for the summer, rinsed off, and used, with sanding only required when a rare splinter should pop up.

If you are the kind of person who forgets regular maintenance or doesn’t like to work hard to maintain furniture, teak is definitely a good choice for you.  Be sure to invest your money wisely and buy a set you’ll love for years to come because it will last probably longer than you would believe!

Why Does Teak Patio Furniture Last So Long?

Teak is a hardwood that produces its own natural oils, so you don’t have to varnish or seal it against the weather in any way.  This means that teak wood furniture is naturally weather resistant, allowing it to easily outlast other materials in harsh weather.  Teak has long been used for the building of boat docks, ship decks, wood flooring, and other items that see lots of weather and possibility for damage from the elements.  Storms, rain, and other natural moisture and weather won’t harm teak.

Teak outdoor furniture is of high quality, durable material that is resistant to decay as well as weather, a product of the fact that it produces its own oils. These oils also make it highly malleable so that it can be easily shaped and molded into furniture.  While it is always best to store your outdoor wood furniture during the winter months when they are not in use for greatest protection, teak can even stay out in harsh cold with little or no concern for damage.

If you are looking into the purchase of some of this furniture, note that teak must be imported into the United States, as there is no natural climate conducive to cultivating the trees here.  It grows only in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and is highly distributed in India.  Therefore, the cost of garden teak furniture is prohibitive to some, covering the cost of transportation and importation.  Still, for the quality, it is worth paying the price.

Teak is in high demand now for use outdoors, and more and more of the raw materials are being imported, as well as already manufactured furniture.  That means that, despite the cost, teak is readily available to consumers for purchase.  Instead of spending a fortune replacing your garden furniture several more times, you should think about investing in teak.

This material will last for decades with minimal maintenance – simply wash it off every once in awhile, store it in the winter, and sand off any splinters or weak spots each spring – and will look amazing in your yard.  In terms of quality for the price, is difficult to beat, and you can look forward to a long lasting relationship with your outdoor furniture.